Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring 2014年 MAKE: ピンクピンクピンク( ˘ ³˘)♥

Helloooooooo all! Sorry for my lateness at updating, I'm really just taking this blog with ease and not forcing myself to be on some kind of schedule, so I'm sorry if my posts become sporadic over time since I am currently taking a full load of lectures at my Uni.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about this year's color for Spring, that being [みんな:04]PINK[みんな:04]. It can be any sort of variation of pink, whether it be baby pink or neon pink.

(Sorry I had a hard time cropping this from GODMake's website!笑)

No matter your style, you can easily find accessible items to coordinate PINK into your makeup! When we all think of pink makeup, don't we cringe at first? However, wearing PINK doesn't mean that you have to have a bold look!

Here are some brands that feature pink or some variation of pink in their S/S 2014 look!


YSL really has Spring right in the bag for them, well... I mean their consumers' bags full of their products that they bought! I love the design and overall theme for their SS 2014 collection! Emulating the blooming of flowers, their collection has a variety of colors from pink, oranges, reds, all the sorts! Although the focus is on PINK, they incorporate colors like browns (shown in the palette) with a pop of pink color.

If you'd like to see more photos from their exhibition, check out Nicola's post on it here!


Although calling your own makeup line EROTIC isn't probably the best wording when doing promotions HOWEVER this makeup look not only is in sync with EMODA's PINUP LADY SS2014 collection, it also goes well with the current trend of PINK. I do have some issues with EMODA COSMETICS as a whole (somewhat "stealing" MAC's designs and lipstick names), I do think that this makeup look is spot on.


MY FAVORITE out of everything I've seen so far, MURUA's SS2014 makeup concept relies on using light pinks and dark pinks. Barely there blush on the cheeks, long lashes, and of course the MURUA-esque cat eye liner. MURUA always has such refreshing makeup looks with their collections, and this year is no exception! You can either wear a matte or creamy lipstick to re-create these two looks.


RESEXXY isn't focusing too much on the PINK trend (they are more of a sexy cool kind of brand anyway), but I wanted to include them because I am a bit biased due to my obsession with the brand!笑

I love the wavy hair, bronzed/blusher impact face, light orange lip, and 'too cool for school' face expressions! Their lips look so luscious and it's like an effortlessly chic kind of feel!


RIENDA is another brand that I love that always has such refreshing makeup looks! I also love that they used a lot of MAC products that I can easily get here in the US. I like how they used both a pink and orange lip color, however they said on their blog that the pink one is more popular. The focus is really on the lips, with the blush and eyeshadows they are wearing to be very natural-looking! Also a lip that is very creamy and pigmented, as well as having a shine to it. 


Taken from a staff blog from DURAS' Sapporo shop

Oh my lordy DURAS, can I love you even more than I already do?[みんな:01][みんな:02] I didn't think it was possible until I started looking around at their 2014 SS MAKE! Pink, light peach, orange lips with glamorous hair, intense coral and orange blush, and very bold lashes!

If you're even more interested in establishing your makeup look for Spring, check out cosme.net! They have some great recommendations, even on makeup products that you can easily get here in the US and more!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I wanted to do this post now so that I don't forget about it later!汗 

As we are embarking on the SS 2014 collections being brought into stores, I wanted to do a quick round-up of my wins and losses concerning some big name brands. Some brands definitely dropped the ball and others went way beyond the average! So let's start, shall we!?


I have picked out these as my favorites and some my least favorites. EMODA started out with a loud lemon print (which I really like actually) and then transitioned to the classic crop top pin-up look with high waisted shorts, baby pink colors, pearls, etc. Slowly I started to see more black and white come into play, which I figured that EMODA was having enough of a panic attack without at least having one piece of clothing that was black so the rest of the collection was traditional in EMODA fashion.

Now, a staple in EMODA's look is the whole chromatic black and white and I understand that, but couldn't they have breached out a bit more this time around? We have seen countless collections with lace, pops of color, loud graphics, and the sorts... I do like this collection, I think for the image they were going for that I think they represented it well but for the sake of EMODA and their past collections, I am and will always be a lover of their EMODA x Shun Watanabe 2011年SS collection.


 MURUA came all guns out, ready to stomp on EMODA's frilly pinks and lace with some fashion forward and those cool-looking dress cut out shapes. This isn't really my favorite collection of theirs but I enjoyed seeing all these creative pieces coming down the runway.

MURUA also has some pieces that I'm like what were you thinking?! but most of the pieces are like these that I am sharing. MURUA tried to incorporate some color and stripes but to me it didn't work out very well, and I chose not to share them for the sake of just showing you how awesome they really are...



Seriously they did awesome this time around, like I knew they would チョコ They just always seem to be so spot on with their collections. I love the stripes, the bangles and beads, the vintage touch, and don't get me started on that beautiful pastel blue. I also love the makeup and the hair, those stylists deserve some rewards.

If you want to see LAGUNA MOON's past collections and see how amazing they are,クマ  check this out クマ

4. MERCURY DUO 「NEW NATURAL ニューニュートラル」ラブラブ

 I think there is an ongoing trend this season to write English words wrong or something? Natural = Neutral? Okay, whatever, maybe I'm just grammar picky...

Mercury Duo is a brand that I like because of their ability to be soft with their collections, yet strong as well. This collection is more on the soft side, nothing too intense or out of their brand's look.

I like the usage of cut outs, see-through items, pops of color that aren't too intense (gosh that soft yellow is really pretty), and it was interesting to see that they lumped stripes and these blue-ish and lavender-ish shades with patterns. I did think that they didn't need the black and white pieces since they seemed to want to focus on these other colors but I'm not complaining since I do like the pieces.

5. dazzlin 「UNIVERSITY DOLLS」ラブラブ

 I have never been too into the dazzlin brand, I've always been too preoccupied with RESEXXY, RIENDA, MURUA, etc, that I seem to always put it into the back of my mind. They are a cute brand with cute things and I love anything cute so I'm now wondering why I've never really been into them?

I really like this collection, it's sweet and charming and the shapes and colors are so flattering and cute that they can sell themselves off of the runway! A lot of times you have these brands like EMODA and MURUA who come up with awesome things but obviously you aren't going to be walking down the street in them---well this collection by dazzlin is very wearable! The concept of University Dolls is so cute and I think it fits it well. The last piece (the red jumper--or is that a dress?) is to die for, I wish I could buy it now!

6. RESEXXY 「Relax glamorous」ラブラブ

 RESEXXY is one of my favorite brands, I found out about them early last year and ever since I've been constantly a buyer of their pieces. This is actually their FIRST time participating in the TouchMe runway shows チョキ

My thoughts of their runway debut? A bit bored, honestly. They could have done so much with their concept, especially with the word glamorous in the title! Their pieces in their shops online and in person are full of such amazing pieces and accessories that I thought they would totally own the runway, and maybe even be up to par with other big names too. It seems that they wanted to play it safe. When denim was really big again last year, maybe they would have made some people talk with this collection but for this year I can't say anything too amazing about it.

I have to say that the big black feather is awesome with that piece on the last row, it's my favorite out of all of the pieces put together. I also understand that the word relax is also in the title, but honestly they shouldn't have made the concept that since this is their first time...

Alright! Those are the brands that I wanted to talk about so far, now we are all awaiting for Tokyo Girls Collection to happen and then the internet might explode afterwardsビックリマーク